Lump Sum rises from the idea that we all have some talented friends who need exposure. These dudes (and dudettes) usually are not the most motivated in terms of self promotion, if anything at all. We are trying to light that fire under them; because being talented and un-motivated is not mutually exclusive and we all know people who need a little push. This production is nothing more than for people to say, “hey my stuff is …………………………….. kinda published, maybe I should get serious about this and deal with people more professional and serious than those stupid Lump Sum dudes.”

That being said, we here at Lump Sum are very un-orginized, semi un-motivated and not very talented. Personally, all of my inspiration comes from my family and friends that I see who are actually being productive. Many of the pictures and articles in this zine will be submitted by the aforementioned. Some of the photos in this zine will be of us “staff”. Nobody else put us in a zine so we made our own; shameless self promotion at it’s finest. Close this booklet now if you already hate it. You should probably wipe your ass and go skate or something anyways. There is no blueprint for Lump Sum. If we have some skate stuff to put in, we’ll do that. If its more party, titty, arty, funny stuff we’ll do that. The original name of this adventure was going to be something along the lines of “Shit to look at while shitting” but that is whack and probably has already been done. “LUMP SUM” is a pile; of what? That is up to the reader. Shit is in the eye of the consumer. SPREAD THE LURK!!!!!!!!!!!!


LUMP SUM ZINE players:

-OXS: CEO. Editor, Photographer, “Writer” and Alien Enthusiast. The Dickhead.

kook force


-Delano: CFO, Enforcer of all things good and bad. The Truth.




-Ty: Lead videographer, writer, photographer and ultra hype man. The Bandit.



-Dorian AKA GRINGO STARR: All encompassing LUMP SUMMER. Artist, writer, repper, lifer. The Spirit.



-Bianca Gonzalez: Lover of life. Artist, writer, photographer, traveler. The Youth.



-Esau: Up the good vibes. Artist, videographer extraordinaire, rider, musician, mover. The Rasta.


-Sean T Stockton: Artist, innovator, original lurker, mastermind. The Source.

STS Final Cover