This day was so sick. Started with BBQ at the shop (Everyday), then the MOXI Skate Team showed up and rallied. It just so happened to be Santacon (Techie Scum Party), Peter Smolik and Tyrone Olson came up for the SOTY/KOTR party and that’s how shit started getting buck. A million beers and hours later and we found ourselves hurting from the booze, laughs, mosh pits, dancing to Naughty By Nature, drugs, and that’s a wrap. Congrats to Wes, Birdhouse ¬†and Skate Mafia.


There were waaaay more photos too. We will update them in due time to reflect all the debaucheries….

Michelle MOXI @estrojen
Pre-Party Hangover

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SOTY Naughty
this when we got on stage with Naughty By Nature. Ron Dirty Pigeon, Tetra and HB. Turnup!!!