We use technology to transmit strange messages to and fro. 

Why reason outside of entertainment?

This is the start of a series of interviews that were probably conducted via text or the like. Thank you for the folks who have committed to this experiment.


Dane Vaughn

“Chaboykins”. This dude!!! I met Dane at Delirium (former staple skater bar in the Mission) randomly. He was visiting the bay from San Diego with the homie Che “Da Biz”. A couple other heads were with em and they were shredding the bars-probably some skating too. Anyhow; that night we all went back to Oakland to where I was staying at the time and continued to get loose. Stayed up way too late and everyone slept on floors and shit. Woke up, BART back to SF, Bloody Mary’s at Zeitgeist and then smashed over to the 3-up-3-down. As everyone else struggled to get their shit together, Dane proceeded to unleash a few NBD’s on the spot!! Unbelievable. Dane went as hard as the rest of us the night before and now he is doing k/f nose manual nollie front heel out!!

That was years ago. Today, Dane has since moved to LA, is holding shit down on DGK, travels a lot, lurks with his girl and really seems to be happy with all of the newfound fame. Seriously, we could not be happier for the kid. Dane is PMA to the max and has ridiculous snaps, style and innovation. Thanks for being down with us G. Much love.


Sum pics and words from Dane via text. (iPhone possibly?)


Two to the head equals straight to the bed.



Nosegrind..3rd and Army…Trip we took with me, Josh Kalis and Godfrey to film some of our last tricks for the Blood Money. Nothin but theatrics…



Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Posted up in Compton waiting for some scumbag shoot to be over with…


For those who come from nothing and now have something…

Some B-Side footage of Dane:





I met this girl through a good friend of mine who lives in San Diego. She was like, “hey we’re coming to The Bay and my friend has never been before so let’s show her a good time, oh and she is a model”. Anyways, when I heard model I was thinking some ditsy-bimbo because that’s what people think when they hear model. But this was quite the contrary to what one might assume about a model; Lindsay Perry is fucking awesome. She’s super pretty, got mad stylish tattoos, hella fun to be around, she’s positive, always ready to make something happen and when she said she surfs she meant it. Honestly, you meet people like Lindsay very seldom and when I was thinking of people I have met that I wanted to interview, I thought of her first thing. We are very psyched to present to you the best surfer I know, our new friend and someone who is now a part of the Lump Sum family for life.

Graphic piece I designed for Billabong Women’s last year from our SPR/SUM shoot.

1.     How are you and where are you?

HEYYYY, Lump Sum crew! Thank you many times for the kind words! I’m good! Cruising in San Diego, heading out in a few days.. 

2.     How old were you when you started surfing? And did modeling opportunities present themselves through being around the surf scene or was it something else?

I actually got a really late start into surfing.. When I was 16, I decided that this is what I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to have it any other way.. As for modeling, that came a bit later. I assisted a photographer, Dominic Agostini, on his editorial shoots. Occasionally, I’d stand in to test the lighting and I quickly realized that it felt like a good fit. He spent a lot of time with me, giving some direction and we’d shoot for fun. I then started building a portfolio. A few years later, I linked up with my now photographer, Troy Huynh, out of Florida… and thanks to the internet, the rest is history!

Fun winter/spring riding up in Mammoth and a few other places in the world!


3.     What are you currently working on? Plugs, shout outs, whatevers?

Things have been really amazing as of lately. I’m incredibly thankful!! I recently started a new relationship with Osiris Shoes and Spy Optic.. Two outstanding companies that I’ve been a fan of for years. I have some new campaigns and projects with Billabong & also wrapping up/releasing my album through Taylor Guitars and my other sponsors. Big ups to Billabong, Osiris Shoes, Spy Optic, Nixon Watches and Taylor Guitars.. The support doesn’t go unnoticed! And of course, huge props to you guys at Lump Sum.. You guys are killin the game!

4.     How do you feel about being the hottest girl this zine will ever feature?

Allegedly 😉 I kid — Nah, I don’t know about that.. I’m just bein alive


Most recent shoot with the ultra talented, Gunner Hughes– where we took a last minute road trip to the Florida keys to shoot and explore our home turf

5.     Next time you’re in The Bay, what would you like to do?

Definitely stay a little longer… My trip last time was super short. I want the Lump Sum Bay tour.. haaahhaha I dunno, see some shows, check out art.. Drink dranks.. Be alive and what not 

6.     Favorite place you have ever surfed and dream destination?

Ahh, that’s a tough one. I always love the good days at home [Florida].. There’s something special about the south. I go to Newfoundland Canada, with my favorite travel partner, Chris Osborne, quite a bit.. That’s always the best time! Dream destination? Oooh, probably Bali.


7.     You come off as a fairly reserved person, what gives you the confidence to shred on a surfboard and pose in front of cameras?

Shit, I wish I were resevered. hahahah I kind of just see it as life is short.. why be afraid? I’m not going to have these opportunities forever & if I play my cards right, I’ll have a nice future to kick back on. 

8.     Favorite maneuver or thing to do on a surfboard?

Hahaha It’s always interesting to be a girl and talk about surfing.. So I won’t even go there… I’ll just stick with getting tan and keepin tight.

Photo; gunner Hughes

9.     How do you feel about skateboarders?

I have so much respect and admiration for skateboarders. It’s such an intense sport. I’ve been injured so many times from skating, so I can’t even imagine what you guys deal with. oh, and I’m not mad at the style either…

Fish party!

10.  Last embarrassing thing that happened to you?

 Hi, I’m Lindsay Perry and welcome to my daily life.. hahahah Ah, well i mentioned that I recently started a new relationship with Spy Optics.. So on our latest shoot for the RX Catalog, which also happened to be the first thing I had ever worked on with them.. naturally I’d be a bit nervous and try to keep my shit in line.. I had a flight scheduled for 7AM the next morning after the shoot, so they set me up in a hotel.. Fortunately the global marketing director ended up staying a few rooms down. I get nice and settled in and decide to get some air on the balcony. There was a window and it looked pretty accessible, so i decided to go out the large, unlocked window.. Once I was outside, I shut it behind me and hear a lock sound.. I say “no worries, I’ll just call downstairs” they send someone up but the deadbolt is locked, i panic and call my boss with “heyyyyyy, guess where I am?” in a joking manner, he then asks where and I tell him my current dilemma … He tries to get the management to get a screwdriver to remove the deadbolt.. No dice.. My phone dies. At this point, we’re communicating from the parking lot, to where I am on the 5th floor balcony. 45 minutes later, (12:30AM), Management then decides to call the fire department.. They show up and instead of getting me down with the ladder, the foreign [asshole] manager, then decides to cooporate and cut the lock .. fire department gets me in through the window & i get booted… Thank God for my boss Devon Howard.. You’re the man, Divo.

Recent trip to japan

11.  Thanks very much for doing this and we hope to check in on you in the future. Any last words?

No problem! Thank you guys! Nah, I think I’ve said plenty. 😉 xox




First up is…


1. Walker Ryan,

he has an iPhone, iThink.

It’s hard to write things about your homies because you’re always gonna sound biased. These are a few ideas I had when trying to come up with an “intro” for Walker:

Met Walker at 510 Skateshop back in the day. He ripped then. Mega chill.

He is from NorCal thru and thru. But, travels all the fuck over. Didn’t he go to UCSD?

Its fucking awesome that Walker has become such a well know pro because he is PMA to the max and he puts a lot of heart into it. Thanks for doing this interview and keep it coming homie. -OXS


Walkers photos and words…


Skateboarding may not be a national pastime in China just yet but rollerblading is still hot! This was at one of the many perfect ledge plazas in Beijing




This is Miles Silvas from a kayo tour through Texas June 2013. Phenom skaters like miles get exposed to a lot at a young age once they start touring. He’s the most talented skater I’ve ever watched in person and I can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in his career




This is what happens when you poach a professional photographer’s photo at exactly the same moment he takes his photo. Dave chami taking Vince Duran’s fs nose slide photo in Dolores park sf




There’s an amusement park in Shenzhen China where there are recreations of 130 of the most well known tourist attractions from around the world. It’s almost as if the Chinese government built them so that its citizens could quench their thirst for traveling around the world. “You don’t need to go anywhere, you can see the world right here!” This is the Sydney opera house, a sight I still have yet to see in real life.




This is one of the older skaters we met in Cuba. He has a tattoo of
himself and I thought that was awesome. Ill get back to you about his name