MIKE Interview (hazardous materials)


What’s there to say about Graf that hasn’t been said before? I guess when you try to iterate the artistic value of an art form that has been covered so much by people that don’t get it and are writing for other people that don’t get it, a giant redundant, fucking boring topic is created out of something that started super organically and with intentions to avoid any type of mainstream pop hype. With that being said, there will be no bragging about how-rad-the-dude-is type of intro. If you seen his shit, or know who he is to the graffiti world, you already know. If you’ve never heard of him, just peep the flicks, read the interview and don’t be scared… One of the TOP DOGS fasho…




1. Full real name, age, address, social security number, routing numbers, etc? Hahaha. Na, what’s good man. Thanks for doing this interview.




2. Active as fuck is an understatement, when and where do you sleep?

Well I’m always on call. But it’s become a part of my life whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly. But I do sleep on a bed. I eat sleep and shit just like everyone else.


3. Should we just abandon the system’s status quo or  do you have a political affiliation?

 There is a lot of questions on why people do things. The bastardization of this culture is the political or anti political. Street artist who gear toward a general audience in order to plateau as an artist and the art form they are trying to take over is business and consumerism. I’m not some guy pedaling my shit in order for you to buy it up. I enjoy what I do it happens to be illegal. But so isn’t going over the speed limit.  I have fun doing it. I guess my message is do what you want even if people say you can’t.



4. Anything you care to share about yourself?

Well I’m a working class asshole. I don’t sell drugs. I am not a gang member. I am just an appreciator and a practitioner of graffiti. I was brought up on cartoons spraycan Art and subway art. Nothing I do hasn’t been done. I do this because it’s fun. I try not to repeat the same thing twice. I like the challenge and the people I paint with



5. Heavy hitters out there?

There are. Duel. Yes2. Miro. Ghost. Spone. Ket. Giz. Wolf. Noah. Easy. Those are heavy hitters. The idea of doing what you love as generations pass. When it’s cool and when it’s not. They keep it pushing and keep it a part of their daily lives. They are style. Any generation of their art fits to today’s standard and sets the bar for tomorrow’s writer. The history they have been a part of can’t be looked past.


6. Best crew(s)?

The best thing about graffiti is there is no best. This isn’t the Super Bowl. You can’t give points for what people do. There is a hierarchy of course. But no one could ever be unanimously decided as the best. It’s style. Everyone has a different style. Everyone’s mind works different and to my opinion of a crew of best are the ones that work together in life and in graffiti. They are people that make it fun and motivate you to do your best. 



7. Worst dudes out there?

Plenty of them but I forget what they write. Fuck em.





8. Lump Sum or lifetime installments?

Well it’s more of a gamble. I put the lump sum on the table most of the time it will double but every now and then I will lose. Lose big and people collect.



9. Do you believe in Aliens?

I believe.



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