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Let me start off by saying that Boris is the truth. It is very seldom that you meet someone who you have followed (lurked/trolled) online for years, that has a STELLAR program and then they turn out to “walk the walk”. Years ago I emailed Rad Dudes email (Creep Street) and they responded. We eventually linked up, I got laced, I was surprised (for lack of a better word) that the guy behind the company was an Asian dude, who held a killer job down and was mega chill. (I think I always assumed that the man behind Creep Street would have been some faded fucktard who got lucky with his company because he had some rich parents and a good art director. Or, maybe someone who had friends in high places. None of the above; Boris was working his ass off with a day job, Creep Street, shooting, collabs, designs, etc.). Anyhow, we smoked herb and became budz. The Bay Area is bummed to see him go to LALA Land but, we all got your back up here homie and from the looks of things, you’re pretty made in the shade down south. A big thanks to Boris, his team and keeping it creepy for all us lurkers. Cheers.





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1. Who are you and how did you get into taking pics of such epic ladies?

My name is Boris & I run this brand called Creep Street. I own, it, I design it, and I solicit n00dz from beautiful women in the most romantic ways possible. I tell extremely corny jokes, am STD-free, enjoy long walks on the street & try my best every season to sell you guys rad shit with a dark twist. I grew up in Queens and am currently residing in LA. I’m on the road to riches & diamond rings, because real creeps do real things!

Honestly I’m kind of glad you asked this question because the real answer is: I have no fucking idea.

From disposables to Minoltas, Olympus Zooms, Powershots (fuck you E32 Error), and my very first 35mm SLR – I was always snapping away. I was mostly documenting graffiti, friends, sunsets, cityscapes, shadows, garbage, selfies, my family & vacation photos at that point, all that basic shit. I loved documenting everyday shit that we tended to miss because let’s face it, NYC was a fast place growing up & you most likely had no time or desire to smell the roses.

It wasn’t until college I decided to become more formal with photography. At that point I got super hipster with it. Party photos, street stuff, and pervy cleavage & booty shots. I think hanging in SOHO, LES, & Williamsburg in the late 90’s early 2000’s had the most influence on me. I was obsessed with raw shit. I remember picking up my first free copy of Vice at a random bookstore too (they were staple-bound back then & anti MTV haha). They had these photos of prostitutes in South America, homeless people, artists, musicians & that’s when I knew. I would complete 3 semesters of formal photography at that point (B&W film development, drying, printing, mounting, manual dodging & burning, you know all that boring anti photoshop stuff).


I loved taking pictures of my then girlfriends because a) they hated it, and b) there was something intimate & special I wanted to keep about that moment in time. This would evolve into other things but we’ll stick to the topic at hand. Before Creep Street, I had this whole iheartgirl™ of the month segment on my personal design website www.iheartboris.com (shameless plug). I would just interview some cute friends of mine I thought were interesting & snap some photos of these chicks. Most of the time girls would just send the pics themselves if they didn’t have time to meet up, but eventually girls off of myspace (oh yea) just started getting “sexy” & sending me pics instead! And that’s when shit got real LOL. But there was something missing. I wanted to take the pictures myself (I mean duh because hot babes) but more importantly I had a certain aesthetic & consistency I wanted.


That’s when the lightbulb went off. If you want these photos to be “Boris-esque” photos than you have to take them yourself! I only had time to shoot lookbooks for the brand at that time but I always wanted to shoot more quality, informal stuff in between them. Being in relationships & busy with a 9-5 made it difficult. But it wasn’t until the IG craze demanding more material and the blossoming “Creepettes” movement that kickstarted what you currently see dominate our social media today. That and a bucnha rad babes wanting to work with the Creep (bless your souls). Besides, I offer excellent hair conditioning tips & unconditional emotional support coupled with relationship therapy at no additional cost!

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2. Can you send me a link to see all the DMs you get? 


Hahahaha ummm, no.

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3. What projects are you working on?

I’m building a drive in theater where Creepettes serve you burgers on rollerskates! JK I wish but soon (wink wink). Right now we have a special collab with the Brooklyn Cloth homies out this Holiday, and a ton of capsule collections with Richtpaint, Sameet Sharma, and Reginald Pean to name a few. We’re finally launching the Creepy Crawlerz™ baby collection this Fall too! Ayeee!! We’re also taking part in a epic movie production called Pizza Joint, as well as supporting some indy horror film makers but I’ll have more info on that for you later. And as always, discovering new talent & working with tons more babes for all you little perverts.




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4. Why the move to LA? SF is gonna miss you. 

Man, I love the Bay area. You guys are real AF, recycle efficiently, party hard & have amazing weed. But the reality is that I was coming down to LA so often to check on the warehouse & shoot girls that I asked myself “why am I NOT in LA?” The deciding factor was leaving the corporate life. I paid my dues, traveled the world, banged a few coworkers, argued with a few bosses, fell asleep at the meetings, the list goes on. Creep Street was never more than a side hustle back in the day. But I had a wild love affair with it. Late nights pumping things out just because, to the point it started to dominate a majority of my life outside of work. It was starting to become fucking batshit crazy balancing my life that I finally said to myself:  “If you really want this thing to be what you want it to be, you have to give it the justice of dedicating all your time to it.”


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5. You shoot a wide array of folks, who are some of your favorites to work with?

Man this is a tough one. I can’t say I have fav models but I’ve had fav shoots. Because every girl connects with you in a different, intimate way. I’ve been lucky to have very unique & rad opportunities to work with so many girls from different places, interests, styles, attitudes, ages, modeling experience etc. It’s always exciting to work with the popular IG  & agency girls because it makes you want to step your game up knowing whom some of these girls have worked with. I believe challenges are what keeps you learning & elevating your craft. And you know the photos are gonna usually turn out dope.

A great shoot ultimately comes down to timing, mood, and location & of course the right subject in that equation. I loved shooting Mika Lovely because she is the perfect Creepette! A combination of dark seduction, mystery &  confidence made shooting with her super rad. And the lighting & view that morning was so on point. Plus any girl that can go back to back blunts with me is ace in my book. Alina from PDX I loved too, her look is so unique & her whole steez speaks provocative & delicate innocence at the same time. She rules. Oh & Tianna G was epic for obviously reasons. And a special shoutout to our homegirl Dana C because she’s got the whole rock’n’roll rebel femme attitude on lock, with the booty, legs, blonde hair, and love of cigarettes & whiskey to top it off. As much as I love shooting model babes my favorite type is really what I coin “unsigned hype” meaning girl next door who doesn’t know she’s a 12 on the babe-o-meter, isn’t all ego’d up on social media, and trusts a weirdo such as myself  to bring out the best attributes of her expressions.


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6. Creep Street, fucking epic. How did this come about and where can people buy the gear?

I left NYC & moved to Boston right after college to work for a big sportswear company in late ’05. Around late ’06 my homie Chip & I were just skating through Boston on a lunch break & just joking about starting our own streetwear company. Streetwear was very alive & popping at that time but we felt something was missing. We were both into 80’s & 90’s shit heavy – skating, horror, weird commercials, babes, and pizza. We wanted something that brought back our childhood in a out of the world, dark, twisted & humorous kinda way. We literally said the words weird, Creepy & Street… And that’s when I said “Chip! – we’re gonna call it “CREEP STREET.” Groundbreaking, yea. And we started a stupid blog that pretty much catapulted the entire culture & brand that you see presently.

You can buy shit on our webstore at www.creepstreet.com as well as other major retailers & e-tailers (our friends at Shopjeen, Dollskill, and select Zumiez nationwide). :)


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7. Weirdest thing that has happened as a result of being the dude behind Creep Street?

EVERYTHING. I like to stay lowkey but life is just weird in general ya know (stoner voice)? The parties, the n00dz, the messages, the random trips, the girls, all endless. Probably signing things & taking pics with people for the first time was a little weird. I ain’t famous so that’s def something to experience. Just having to reprogram my entire thought process & life was a major task (ongoing). I think the strangest thing is realizing that it really isn’t strange at all because it’s what you’ve been doing naturally. You have to remember: when everything is weird, nothing is.


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8. If I come to LA, can I crash?

Only if you let me be big spoon this time.



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9. Any advice for folks out there trying to do some creative shit for a living?

Reality is most of you fuckheads won’t make it in the creative field. I went to art school and 70% of those fools fucked around and ended up not doing anything art related. You’ll either get too scared, go broke, or get pressured by society to pull some safety net corporate gig, work at your dad’s real estate office, or work at 3 bars to pay for your 250 sq foot Bushwick apartment that you share with 2 other people that have a coke problem. If you’re a creative person, chances are you’re extremely egotistical & emotionally unstable so the likelihood of success really depends how rich your parents are.

OR – you fall into that horrible trap they call love & decide to just say “hey, my life is not gonna ever be more interesting than this so let me have some kids & jerk off when the wife’s not home.” Life sucks, doesn’t it?

But for those who are fearless, dreamers, outcasts & are built tough you will kill it in one way or another. All you need is time, a shit ton of patience and a wild work ethic. I’m a strong believer that if there is a will there is a way. Don’t be afraid to challenge society, take on a few shitty gigs to stack some bread, and build your discipline. Stay humble & surround yourself with like minded people that you can learn from. Creativity is not what you can do with the resources you have, it’s what you can do with the resources you don’t have.


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10. Shout outs, thanks and RIPs? 

Shout out to you & Lumpsumzine for listening to the rant even though I know you just wanted the n00dz.

Shout out to all you Creepz & Creepettes, stoners, weirdos, hippies, drug dealers, gangsters, outcasts and every one that dares to step outside their comfort zone.

Buttgrabs to all the homies in NYC, Boston, Texas, London, SF & LA!

Shout out to mom & grandma because without all these psychological issues, excellent hygiene & table etiquette, I’d just be another average punk trying to creep on your daughter.

Shout out to Bebop & Rocksteady, Poptarts, Pizza Bagels, Stephen King, Myspace, Drake, Thrashin’ the movie, Glue sticks, Squats, Free Wifi, Fleetwood Mac, Polaroids (Fuck that Instax shit), Monster Squad, Satan, Ancient Aliens, Butterfly Knives, the Dollar Menu, Aunt Jemima, GX1000, the Misfits, Legos, Huffy bikes, Pornhub, American Express, Castle Grayskull, Sushi, and people who still give a fuck about keeping it real. Oh & shout out to weed, because weed is tight man, WEED IZ TITE!

RIP Danny Diamondz & Gordon Riker ya’ll left us too quick. And RIP Bob Ross, Babygirl Aaliyah, and MJ. A midget once told me life is short, and he was right.

RIP all “Instagram brands” & Fake photographers because they’re fucking up the game & love staying corny as fuck.

Stay Creepin’.